I Write Creative Content That Enthusiastically Attracts The Audience Attention.

Posted By: Divyanshi sharma

About this Talent:


It is my first experience for applying a job online as a content writer. I am a girl who love to research different intresting topics and get to know things deeper and find interesting facts in it.I love to do content writing. I personally feel that as a content writer if go into things deeper then the topic itself comes out to be more deeper that you think. The more you search the more you know.

Writing a content was not really my thing in the start  but I tried to write for a small business, during the research I found myself really involved in it and it was something I liked doing.I wrote around 100-200 articles for small businesses and the feedback was impressing to me.

I worked for 2 websites. Though, I am new to this thing but really passionate about it. Just give me a chance to understand your specifications and write just as you like. Giving a chance is something not going to give you a loss by myside.

Salient Features:
Job Price:800 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Ghaziabad Languages Known : english
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