I Do My Work Pretty Quickly, Say For E.g. 30 Pages Per Day.

Posted By: Nausheen Rahman

About this Talent:

I can edit, proofread, rewrite very efficiently. I've been praised for my skills a lot, and I do my work pretty quickly, say for e.g. 30 pages per day. I'm pretty fast at typing and skilled with ms word and technology related to it. I'm a fresher and I'm currently studying at Aligarh Muslim University. I've had English as my main subject and I'm pretty good at translations too. I've been wanting to put my brain and skills to use since I wanted to earn a little too. I hope this description fit well with all of what you've been wanting in a description. Thanks.

Salient Features:
Job Price:2000 Duration : 1 Day
Location: Rs.Bihar Languages Known : english
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