I Can Write Research And Finish It Up On Time And Revise If Needed.

Posted By: Lydia Grace V. Recto

About this Talent:

Hi, My name is Lydia but you can call Jayieh. I am a student currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Criminology. For me my Forte is writing and reading. I can do research alone and finish it up on time. I am also part of journalism since I was grade 4 and I've been into many competition since then. I also love making crafty items. I do journaling and it's my hobby. I love making my work with the touch of art and color into it. I am a consistent top 1 of the class since I was in Elementary. I am a consistent valedictorian. I need a part time job so that I'll be able to pay for my schooling and to continue my studies. For me, I don't have exact talent like singing and dancing and the like, oh gosh I suck at those actually, but for me, I think my talent is learning. I do love learning. I can learn anything if I want to. If you're interested to know more about my talent, you can ask mo. Thank you

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.LAGUNA Languages Known : english
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