I Can Type Article And Letter. I Can Type 40 Article In A Day.

Posted By: krishna

About this Talent:

Hi Iam krishna dhakal. I have no much experience but i do my best. I am very intersted in that job so i can do anything for that. This job help to provide knowladge and increase my skill.  I am 10 pass student. so i think i don't have any skill but it is wrong thinking. If we work hard no matter how many time we do wrong. Hard work give us best destiny in the future. The time play very importance role for the good future. so I try to do my task in time anyhow. This job is best opportunity for me to increase my skill and knowladge. I am intreasted in typing article and letter. I have my own computer so i think no one distrub me while doing work. I think hard work totaly change the people. so this job is best opportunity for me in this time.

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000 Duration : 5 hour
Location: Rs.Nepal Languages Known : english
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