I Can Post Article With Nice Presentation By My Clinical Knowledge To Raise Health Awareness.

Posted By: Zinnatun Nesa Mitu

About this Talent:

I am doctor and i have vast clinical knowledge which is increasing day by day with my practice. I have writing skill and i can make presentation nicely with proper knowledge and it become impressive to others. I want to share my clinical experiences with others for their healthy life style and prevention of disease. I am also very interested about others life style, psychology and behaviour criteria thats why i want to post my writing and spread positivity among others. Daily i face many prople in my practice , gain more knowledge about their though , attitude and sociality. I am also fond of learning more new thats why i travel frequently to blend up with new people , nature and place . I can share everything of my thinking and thus i can help people to be relax . I can help them to be calm and quite in every situation with my strategic knowledge.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 24 hours
Location: Rs.Bangladesh Languages Known : english
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