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Posted By: Vasani shwet

About this Talent:


I will do data entry and submit before deadline . i am not experienced . but am interested toh learn about it and am interested to work on it ..i do my data entry accurately .

I am a graduated student. I completed my degree in Bcom and i specialized in computer application ....I do my project work with the help of microsoft office like ms word,ms excel,ms powerpoint etc...I can handle it easly with in the deadline .I am capable for doing this job ..

Data processing is used to collecting and manupulating data for different purpose .Data processing is and basic and important term. Data is the collection of raw facts and figures . The processed data is called information . The data is the input and the computer process the data and it will give the result that is output..It is in the human understandable language . The language of computer is binary . It is the combination of one's and zeros .

Salient Features:
Job Price:400 Duration : 2 hours
Location: Rs.Anand Languages Known : english , hindi
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