I Can Edit 5000 Words Per Day On Various Topics Just For Rs. 2700.

Posted By: Pranab Majumdar

About this Talent:

I have done editing for quite a few years. I am good in editing because my english proficient skills are excellent. It has been now 3 years doing this job. Most of my clients are feelancer. 

I can edit your articles, blogs, journals, books, manuscripts to make them bug free and more fascinating to read. Readers find my proofread work flawless.

I fix improper phrases and words, grammatical errors. error in punctuations, capitalization, and spelling.

Not only that, I can edit offline content too and provide necessary comments in the reports. The content should be in a readable form and clear enough so that one can go through all the lines without missing any information while editing.


Salient Features:
Job Price:2000 Duration : 24
Location: Rs.Mumbai Languages Known : english , hindi
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