I Can Do Writing Projects On Different Topics Just For Rs 500/-

Posted By: Mahnoor Haris

About this Talent:

I'm a freelancer, typist, writer and graphic designer. I can do different projects with different outlines. I can simply discussed the topic in detail.   we've compiled a list of the most critical typist skills. We ranked the top skills for typists based on the percentage of resumes they appeared on. For example, 19.4% of typist resumes contained data entry as a skill. Continue reading to find out what skills a typist needs to be successful in the workplace. Data entry means entering data into a company's system with the help of a keyboard. A person responsible for entering data may also be asked to verify the authenticity of the data being entered. A person doing data entry must pay great attention to tiny details. I've also worked on Ms word and Upwork. I've a great experience of 2 years in writing freelancing. I'll do my best to work with this company 

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 1 day
Location: Rs.Pakistan Languages Known : english
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