Experience Individual With Lots Of Reading Hours, Looking For Proof-Reading Work

Posted By: Sakshi Bhardwaj

About this Talent:


I am a Btech Graduate exceling in aptitude and communication skills. I love reading and have multiple hours of reading experience varing from fiction to non-fiction novels. I have come across lots of amazing books that give to deep insight of like and purpose as well as just some feel good books. Reading gives me a purpose and immense pleasure which i want to utilise in helping others.

I write reviews, have good typing skills so basic typing jobs are a piece of cake. I want to indulge in some proof-reading or editing jobs so i can understand how others think and provide constructive feedbacks if necessary. I am currently as a Lead and would like to fill my time with something that i love and earn extra buck while doing so.

And proof-reading or editing some works will help me fulfill these needs and help me build my network. Providing exceptional services with minimum issues. Looking forward to look at some real masterpieces and working with amazing people.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 2-3 hours
Location: Rs.Pune Languages Known : english
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