Translating English To Gujarati And Kindly Look After About Your Requests

Posted By: Tharushika

About this Talent:

I'll translate English to Gujarati and I hope Rs.50 for 25 words. If you have any requests for prices I kindly see for them.I do my work in my best. Within 2 -3 days I do my work if you want soon I do it soon. I'm new for this field and I hope you'll help me to improve my talents and be experienced. I do best for my work for minimum prices. Before I didn't do such jobs but I like this feild and I have a knowledge about these languages so I think I can do my best for your requests. And also I think there are no more Gujarati translators so I think you can hire me. In future I hope to improve my knowing I request you hire me and check my talents  is it as you thought. I do my best for your kindly requests.

Salient Features:
Job Price:50 Duration : Within 2 or 3 days
Location: Rs.Sri Lanka Languages Known : english
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