"The Work Which You Are Alloted To Me I Can Do Perfectly Within The Time"

Posted By: Prasad Pinninti

About this Talent:

Typing is one of my talent.I can type accurately.I can come up any type of difficult work.i have a grip on typing .I feel typing is a useful skill and worthing.i have a very good knowledge on typing .it is one of the most important skill to get a job and i.feel I am very eligible I can type 40 words around a 1 min.i have a brief knowledge on that.i completed the work which you are allocated to me with in the time.I have been working up on the skill since one year and it's a very good platform to show up on my skills.i have been studied English medium school since my childhood.so I am very accurate in English grammar.And I am promising that no grammatical mistakes from my side.A successfull typist is responsible for any kinds of documents including reports.and I hope I can do it and I am capable for this job

Salient Features:
Job Price:100 Duration : 3hrs
Location: Rs.Vishakapatnam Languages Known : english
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