I'm A Teacher Who Educate Childrens As Education Is The Basic Importance Of Life.

Posted By: Arvin Anderson Wanniang

About this Talent:

Greetings to you,

I am Arvin Anderson Wanniang, a student from the hospitality administration, I believe educational qualification is important for every job in any  field but when it comes to teaching its about being passionate and concern to teach the students eager to learn.

I may not have a B.Ed qualification but I believe in my own blood that I come from a family teaching background and I give my best of my capabilities in the work I'm working in. I have been a substitute teacher a schools when required and also a home tutor for 3 years and I feel and thrive to climb a new step that is being and official teacher in school for students.

My teachers have succeeded in blooming a flower out of me with good knowledge and moral values, so I want to share this bloom so that more children can bloom to and teaching them not only the context of a text book but moral values so that they grow up to become better individuals for their family and community.

Thank you.

Salient Features:
Job Price:6500 per month Duration : 5 years
Location: Rs.Kolkata Languages Known : english
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