I Work At An Hourly Rate With Fair Share Of Satisfactory Work Every Hour.

Posted By: Arijit Mazumder

About this Talent:

First of all let me introduce myself. I am Arijit Mazumder currently pursuing a B.Tech degree. I live in Durgapur, West Bengal. It has been a long time since being in the lockdown getting deviated from the normal life routine. So many people were no aware of how to utilize their free time which actually used be thier working hours. I was one of them. Though I wasn't a employee I was a student so I used be wondering about how to use the time when I used to go to school. Then after a little time went by I got recommedations from others to surf the net for part time jobs with reasonable payment. Since then I have worked as a part-time SME and also did freelance data entry. This is let others know that I am eager for more opportunities so that I can grab them and work up the free time benefitting both me and the recruiter.

Salient Features:
Job Price:300 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Durgapur Languages Known : english
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