I Will Write Unique Articles And Blogs That Are Seo-Friendly.

Posted By: Sudha Mandakini

About this Talent:

About my work:

Content plays a major role today in keeping the audience engaged, and build the credibility of the firm so that the audience finds it reliable. Unique content with great ideas always grab the attention of the readers. Keeping this in mind, I write high-quality blogs and articles on various niches. I research the topic thoroughly before putting the ideas into the blog and make the right use of keywords so it ranks well in the search engine.

I will ensure:

  • Plagiarism-free content. Provide proof of Copyscape premium check for the same.
  • It will be free from any grammatical errors by proofreading it.
  • Statistical data presented if any will be from reliable sources and free from any ambiguity.

About me:

I am a Google SEO expert with over 6 years of experience in creating impactful content which converts. I have completed my degree in telecommunication from Chandigarh University. Writing has always been my passion and I turned it into my profession. So I love my work and I am very good at it.

I always stick to client's deadlines and delivered satisfactory work that has made them hire me multiple times. If you have a challenging project with a wide range of topics to deal with, I would love to take up that and convert your visions into reality.
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with me now to discuss your project.

Some FAQs related to my work:

What do I charge for 500-word writing?

I charge INR 700 for 500 words.

What is my turnaround time?

I can submit a 1-500 word post in 24 hours.

What does the price include?

I am open to making 1 revision for a 500-word article and will use 2-keywords per post.

What are some services you can expect from me?
  • Creating SEO friendly articles
  • Designing a customized template
  • Fixing bugs
  • Making a responsive layout
  • Setting up a custom domain
  • Adding all meta tags
Do I create short video clips and infographics for content?

Yes, to make the content more interesting, I create short video clips and infographics also when needed. This helps in preventing the content from being monotonous.

Do I have a record of my work that converts?

Yes, I do have worked for numerous small and large-scale online businesses and my content has resulted in great conversions. Please check this in my work reviews.

How do I keep up the interest of the readers?

I create attention-grabbing content that keeps the readers glued to my content. Besides this, I add relevant images and short video clips wherever needed to ensure that the audience does not get bored by going through the paragraphs of text.

Why hire me when you can publish a regular old-fashioned copy of your product or services?

This is because people are relying more on online content rather than the old fashion hard copies that have ads about products and services. The changing tastes of people and their lower attention span need carefully planned content that convinces them to keep them glued to the screen when they start going through it.

Is SEO really important for your content?

Yes. absolutely as it helps the Google search engine identify your piece of content easily and rank it well when it is well optimized with the relevant keywords.

Do I research the keywords for any assignment that is given to you?

Yes, I am proficient in researching the right keywords for a topic and implementing them to ensure that the content is perfectly optimized to rank higher in the search engine.

Do I provide plagiarism-free content?

Yes, this is the most important thing that I always ensure in my content as plagiarism negatively affects the ranking of a page. For this, I always run the content through Copyscape premium. I will provide a copy of this result so that you can know that the content is unique.

Do I provide services related to advising on future content for a webpage?

Yes, once we discuss your project, its mission, and vision in detail, I can not just help you with the relevant content but also advise on how the website can perform better by providing you with amazing content ideas.

What are some tools I often use to create good content?

I use Grammarly to avoid errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar of the content. Hemingway editor helps in correcting the long sentences to enhance the readability. Before submitting the content, I run it through Copyscape to check if it is plagiarism-free

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.700/- for 500 words. Duration : 500 word post in 24 hours.
Location: Rs.Hyderabad,India Languages Known : english
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