I Will Prove As Honest Thankfull Employee If You Can Please Give Me A Chance.

Posted By: Sree Reethika

About this Talent:

I will type more than 40 words in a minute I want just to support my family for my education and other needs please give me a chance to prove myself as a honest and a patient and worth full employee so please take me in to do so and help me to reach my needs.please help me aso early as possible I won't let you down for giving me a chance not even a single time so please give me a chance to do I beg u and you will regret in ur lifes for taking me in to this jobrand thank you and will be thankfull to you in my lifetime and forever please help me get this job and earn money to make myour ends meet. You would definitely love to work with me me as a employe. So please give me atleast one chance to prove myself 

Salient Features:
Job Price:10000 Duration : Monthly
Location: Rs.Kadapa Languages Known : english , hindi
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