I Will Proof Read Your Content And Make It A Pleasant Reading Experience.

Posted By: daisy nekesa

About this Talent:

I have a background in teaching with English being the teaching subject. I am well versed in reading and correcting grammatical errors in a piece of writing. I have years of experience in checking for spelling errors and correcting grammar mistakes. I have worked in schools, specifically secondary schools and therefore have knowledge of advanced grammar. I have set and graded essays for learners and also taught English to learners as a second language. I am familiar with the English language and speak it as fluently as I write it. Proofreading your work will be an opportunity to continue to put my skills to use and also to keep challenging myself to continue to improve further in mastery of the language. My clients have always been schools and institutions looking to have their work checked for any errors and I have taken pride in providing the best work possible for all my clients.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 24hrs
Location: Rs.Kenya Languages Known : english
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