I Will Keenly Proofread And Edit Up To 20 Assignments Per Day For Only Rs. 200/-

Posted By: Rika'A BaDoo

About this Talent:

I have had a variety of clients for academic writing and I want to use my broad mastery of the language to help you out. I will keenly read through your work and make sure you have zero grammatical errors, spelling, relevance, punctuation and all there is to editing.

I am committed to taking on up to twenty assignments a day or even more for the amount specified. I am vey flexible about my working hours and I have a good grip on time keeping. 

Depending on how you like my work, I am open to a full time posting if interested, I will deliver all work on time and well done. It is easy to work with me because I am open to suggestions from my clients. My payment rates are flexible as well, feel free to discuss it with me.

Hire me for quality writing. Looking forward to working with you, thanks in advance.

Salient Features:
Job Price:200 Duration : 24 Hrs
Location: Rs.Kenya Languages Known : english
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