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Posted By: Sanjana Malimath

About this Talent:

About me: So I am new to content editing and proofreading, I am a student studying my bachelor's yet. But I'm pretty sure I am good at editing the content. I am compatible of editing, I am pretty good in grammar too.

Why should you choose me for editing?

Because I am capable of editing in a correct manner, by giving attention to every detail of the sentence. Even the smallest mistake will be focused. And also every writer want their writings to be a perfect one and I can help making up with that. Also writings, are going to be important for anybody who writes blogs and articles, so I can help them with editing and proofreading their contents. I Will Edit Your Articles, Blogs, Journals, And Manuscripts To Make Them Outstanding. Some of the people may not be confirm about what they are writing, I would like to help them get through that. I can make your content more thoughtful and interesting. People who read books are definitely good with grammar, so the writers need to be good at grammar too. So if you are not confident about what needs to be posted, you are at a right place. Speelings and grammar are as important as your content, so it needs to be given attention to. I Will Thoroughly Proofread Your Documents And Edit Them In Less Turnaround Time. To deliver a high-quality content, you need to have a good grip on grammar, syntax, punctuation and sentence formation. And no one could judge your content better than a proofreader as they have required expertise in this field.


Therefore, I can help you by proofreading your content and fixing the superficial errors. Here are the types of content that I can proofread efficiently. I Will Thoroughly Edit And Rewrite Your Web Content After Revision. I Will Meticulously Edit Your Book Manuscript, Proofread And Make It More Thoughtful And Interesting. I'll not be in a hurry, I'll take time to read all your content thoroughly, and then edit it. An expert editor will check every line of your document or content and assure that it is meeting the requirements of clients. Here are the aspects that i will check to ensure that your content quality is great:


Repeated words ,Grammatical errors, Consistency and readability, Punctuation errors, Typos or Spelling errors, Flow Improper word usage, Capitalization, Poor sentence structure, Tenses.

I provide the honest review of the articles to ensure that your writing style is enhanced and your content quality is best. HereHere are my line of expertise that you will see in my work: Organize Proofread Edit Sentence structuring Punctuation Correction of Spelling mistakes Grammar check Feedback Looking to make your content compatible with other latest technicalities?

Here are some common niches in which i am most experienced to deliver the quality work:










Get in touch with me to schedule a consultation. I am looking for a delightful working experience with you!

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.700 for 100 words Duration : 6 hrs
Location: Rs.Bangalore Languages Known : english , hindi
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