I Will Do Data Entry Job Accurately And Submit It Within The Deadline..

Posted By: Bhavana

About this Talent:

Hi I'm Bhavana, 

I'm really excited to do this job. Please give me one opportunity to prove myself. 

I will do data entry job accurately and submit it within the deadlines. If you need a virtual world to complete your works by maintaining quality and meeting deadlines ,then you are at right place .I thoroughly proof read my work and double check it to see if there any spelling mistakes or mistakes in entering numerical values .

Data entry operators include electronic data processor, typist,  word processor ,transcribers and clerks. 

Data entry is a broad term and it includes a variety of occupations.

Barriers to entry in the data entry industry  are not very high, and it does not require a straight training process. When preparing for a career in data entry ,it can be beneficial to gain practical experience to help you in the role. 

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000/- Duration : 2-3hrs
Location: Rs.Bangalore Languages Known : english
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