I Will Do Accurate Data Processing And Web Search For You.

Posted By: Nitesh Rastogi

About this Talent:

About my work:

I will do accurate data processing and web search for you. Data processing helps in enhancing the profitability of a business by reducing costs. The productivity increases besides easing of storage. I work with the database, spreadsheets, documents, and other types of information of a firm and help my clients understand the performance of their company and prospects in a better way.

About me:

I have over 6 years of experience in market research and data processing. I also do the entry and work on lead generation. So if you are looking for a data researcher and processor, you have arrived at the right place. I will ensure in-depth research on the required niche and provide accurate data that is reliable. So you don't have to worry anymore.

Some FAQs about my work:

How do I charge for data processing work?

I charge INR 800 for providing you 2 pages of processed data

How long do you take to complete the above work?

It approximately takes me 3-4 hours to process 2 pages of data. To provide the analytical report on the same I will need a turnaround time of 24 hours.

How many revisions are allowed for 2-page data processing in the standard package?

A maximum of 2 revisions is allowed in the reports provided after processing 2 pages of data.

Will your data remain safe with me?

We are a team of professionals and very well understand the essence of the safety and security of data. So we take utmost care to prevent the data from being handled by anyone apart from our trustworthy team members. So, with us, you can be assured that your company data won't is mishandled.

What is included in my scope of work?

Here is the list of work you can expect from me:

  • Web Research
  • Data Scraping
  • Copy Paste Work
  • Conversion of JPEG to Excel, Word
  • Data Entry
  • Data Mining
  • E-commerce Products Listing
  • WordPress Article Posting
  • CRM Data Entry
  • Converting PDF to Excel, Word
  • Data compiling from Business Directories
  • Scanned Pages to Excel or Word
  • Business Cards Entry into Excel
How would I summarise the experience of my clients with my work?

I have previously worked in all the above requirements for my clients in the online freelancing websites as well as for my local clients. Every time I intend to ensure their complete satisfaction so that they always hire me whenever there is a similar requirement. Check out the ratings on my profile to find this out.

What information do you need to provide me so that I can start working on your project?

While coming up with your request,  please specify details about your business model, your target audience, and your requirements so I can process and analyze the data accordingly for maximum efficiency. Besides this, you need to let me know your deadline, if any so that I can schedule my time accordingly.

Do I work alone or with a team to complete the projects of clients?

I have a team specializing in different niches to process data from clients. This ensures that we strictly adhere to deadlines.

Does my team take up bulk data processing requests which last long term?

Yes, we take up bulk data processing requests and divide the work between members to ensure that the tasks are completed on time.

Will you get to see my work samples before starting work with me?

Yes, based on your requirements, I will provide you my previous analysis reports of the data processing job so that you can have better clarity about my work.

Are there any niches in which I am uncomfortable working?

Yes, I do not take work-related to gambling and adult content. Apart from this, I can work on data related to any niches.

What techniques do I use for processing the data?

Depending on the requirement, we use Statistical, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analysis. For example, for processing and collecting data samples, we need to employ the right statistical analysis methods such as mean, standard deviation, regression, hypothesis testing, and determination of sample size. Thus, with the right techniques, we uncover the trends and patterns and provide an accurate report.

In what format do I provide the reports after processing data?

I provide the final analysis reports in PDF, MS Word, or Excel format based on the one demanded by the client.

Have I handled medical and legal data and provided analytical reports for the same?

Yes, our team has members specialized in medical and legal fields who are assigned the data processing tasks when we receive anything related to this niche. So the data processing will be done perfectly with accurate analysis of the same by professionals.

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs.800 for 2 hrs. Duration : 2 hours
Location: Rs.Nagpur,India Languages Known : english
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