I Cant Work At Any Time According To The Condition Presented To Me

Posted By: abd rahim amrane

About this Talent:

Hello, my name is mondher , 19 years old  I study at the university,I previously worked as a perfume seller for three years, and as a seller bakery store  for one years , as a worker in a food store for 2 years . I say with  my all humility  I have  experience since my childhood in dealing withe customers in a nice and good manner , I can solve  their problems relieve theire anger, and treat  them well and politely  without insulting them .

Today Iam looking for a job and I hope to find it with you .I want to devlop myself and devloping my skills , learning and benefeting more ,I bealieve that this work will help me in that , especially saving me time  because Iam studying and have been  searching for ways to work likr this , so I accept a decent salary without specifying it , I hope to accept and I start working . thank you

Salient Features:
Job Price:100 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Algeria Languages Known : english
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