I Can Write Intersted Articles On Various Topics From Different Fields.

Posted By: Kuch Bhi

About this Talent:

Hi, My name is Harmandeep Kaur and I'm pursuing BCom. honours degree from school of learning, Delhi University.I like doing research on different topics from anywhere, So that's why I think I'm perfect for this job. And as for my writing skills, I published some stories in my college magazine which is given below:

How fast am I running in the blowing wind? Are you thinking why? Why am I running so fast? who am i following? What does that person do wrong? What do I want from him? Well, while you're thinking about this, I'm wondering what if I lose that person? What if he stops and starts fighting with me? What if I cough it up and I don't get what I want? What if that person blames me in front of a crowd?

Well, to get all the answers from you and me we must start it from the beginning and reach the conclusion.

5 years ago, I am an accountant in Asia's fast growing company. We have many branches and sub-holding companies. Our company journey began when we found ourselves in the top 100 companies of Forbes. We are now in the top 25 companies in Asia. I joined this company when they started their business. But I trembled at the sudden turn, well this is my constructive termination. Due to which I got my unemployment benefit but.....

This a demo, if you like it then contact me. 

Salient Features:
Job Price:100 Duration : 3 hr
Location: Rs.DELHI Languages Known : english
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