I Can Write 50 Ad Scripts For Yopur Prodyct For Rs.400/-

Posted By: Danish

About this Talent:

I can write you AD scripts with no grammer errors. I have done many copywriting projects in the past. I am a very fast typer and can type very effectively.I am a student for English and will do English honors, so my English is perfect! I can post 50 AD scripts per day.So do not worry about people not buying the products because I will be writing the script in a very attractive way so that the people will definitely buy the products.I know languages like English,German,French and Hindi.I am skilled at this because I have been dealing with it since 2years now.So you will definitely not regret chossing me!I will try my best to satisfy you all and finish the number of AD scripts in only a single day.So choose me and get the highest quality of AD scripts with more and more customers being eager to buy the product.

Salient Features:
Job Price:300 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Kolkata Languages Known : english
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