I Can Write 30 Data Entries Per Day Just For ₹500. You Will Be Surprise

Posted By: S Shreya

About this Talent:


Excellent candidate for data entry work, an able assistant to a Lawyer, or a Court Typist,. Don't say only talents! There are thousands who haven't accomplished these.

I always tell that a Technician with multiple tools may not accomplish what a talented illiterate can achieve with very few tools. They are not the only tools, but they are tools that are in an able hand.

For the hard working, there is no dearth of possibilities. I have seen people with even old manual typewriters on a raised wall, stand and type out documents near Parliament Street and near Court premises in Delhi, ekking out a living!

What is most needed is the right attitude!

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 1 Day
Location: Rs.Durg Languages Known : english
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