I Can Write 2000 Words Just For 1000 In A Single Day

Posted By: Suhana

About this Talent:

Hello my name is suhana , I'm 18 years old I'm presuing my bachelor's degree . I am a very fast type writer I can type more than 5000 words in 24 hours. 

I was engaged alot during school times like I was my class representative that allowed me to interact with the many people and I was alot into computer as soo my typing skills are really good and fast  .

I am well aware with Excel , c++ and etc, I'm also working on python for my future knowledge , I can work full time and part time aswell u can really rely on me for your work to get it done.

Salient Features:
Job Price:900 - 1500 Duration : 24 hours
Location: Rs.Bengaluru Languages Known : english , hindi
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