I Can Write 1000 Words In 3-4 Hours As Articles Just For Rs.600/-

Posted By: Nikhat Urooj

About this Talent:

The writing is my passion and I  believe that  the work is done perfectly when the one pays interest and attention in that . I can fulfill your requirement of a beautiful content when I am searching for a perfect topic to write over.  So , I feel that I can do this job perfectly within the time limit. 

Although it is my first experience applying for any job but I do believe that I can surely do this nicely and can fulfill the need of the topic . I can write on different type of topics that demanded in the time being . I can write in three languages as well . 

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 to 700 Rs Duration : 3-4 Days
Location: Rs.India Languages Known : english , hindi
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