I Can Type Any Kind Of Document Since Am A Computer Learner

Posted By: catherine

About this Talent:

Hi, good morning I am Catherine& I am undergraduate (in computer) as far concern about my work experience I am fresher. i have experience in computer skill and have worked in severalccompanies. i can type 100 words per minute and i can work more hard to improve it up to 80 words.

I use a Dvorak layout with a modified programmable keyboard, and regularly use text expanders while transcribing.

In a standardized typing test, I average around 100 words per minute at 98% accuracy.

With clear audio, I transcribe around 4000 words per hour at 99+% accuracy.

Audiological and visual triggers cause fingers to twitch in well-trained ways.

Fingers hammering the keys, punctuating the words with great emotion.

…the repetitious sound of deletion, the silence of confusion, of focus, of listening and trying to understand.

Quietly and softly, the keys began clicking, once again rising into a crescendo of furious sound, of rhythm, dancing movements to create the everlasting words.

Fingers curl in anguish for what they’ve done.

The blank screen, beckoning.

The words are a-swirl, and the hands are at home.

The words appear without effort, easier than speaking.

Painting words with ten tongues.

(It’s really more like 3000 an hour on average. I have pumped out 14,000 words in three hours once. I felt like that was blazing.)

Salient Features:
Job Price:300 Duration : 3-4hours
Location: Rs.nairobi kenya Languages Known : english
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