I Can Type 500 Words Within A Hour. For Just ₹1000/-"

Posted By: JAI DESAI

About this Talent:

Hi, my name is Jai Desai.I had done my formal studies in last year. I am very curious about science and technologies. 

 I am very good in typing skills also.I am very smart and family done my typing very easily. I am very curious to show my talent and can wort within them. So , it's very thankful to you to give this work. 

I will do my 100℅ in this job and enjoyed the experience that, I will get from this job. Very very thankful to your website also that , I am feel very lucky one to get your website

Salient Features:
Job Price:₹1000/hr Duration : 1 hour (500 words)
Location: Rs.Nagpur district Languages Known : english , hindi
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