I Can Translate Your Content From Hindi To English And Visa Versa

Posted By: Shubhangi

About this Talent:

Heyy .

You all will be thinking why me ,but my language skills are really good in English marathi ,hindi

It's really fascinating for me to translate the audio through various languages.

It's actually help us to understand a video when it's muted or in foreign accent which is sometimes difficult for us to understand. 

I have kind of good  experience in this field. 

I can translate for 90 min a day..

I have read stories books and watched movies and web series .So my Vocabulary is really good .

If you want to translate any audio you can take my help to translate through it.. 

I have gotten many clients till now so you can trust me ..

Thank you friends 


Salient Features:
Job Price:300 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Maharashtra Languages Known : english
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