I Can Translate 1 Document At Rs.500 That Also Part-Time. I Am A Student

Posted By: Aayesha Naaz Warsia

About this Talent:

I know different languages - Hindi,English,Spanish.Pls note that I will translate no topics related to adult content.Beforehand let me know the time of delivery so that I can manage the timings.So dear Manager I would like to ask you to accept my request and let me work Part-time.I will translate the documents no matter how large I will do it in 3 hours.

So I think you should hire me . If you have any more requirements you may contact me.Typing and Translating is such a work that should be done by humans.No robots or AI can replace humans in this work.If you accept my request you will be helping my career and as long as you will help me I will do your work efficiently.

I assure you that all my clients will be happy with my work. A dedicated and committed person will be at work and one document at just Rs.500

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 3 hour
Location: Rs.KOLKATA Languages Known : english , hindi
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