I Can Record Any Professional Or Casual Voiceover For Your Business At Just ₹500 Within 24Hours

Posted By: Jyoti karki

About this Talent:

I am Jyoti pursuing my under-graduation in India.I am a fresher but with untapped potential looking for the right opportunity and if you give one there's nothing like letting you down.I've always been interested in narrating,and do voice over.I've won numerous prizes in various elocution ceremonies,debates etc with bang on reviews for my performance.I might be less experienced or under-age than other people you find here,but i assure you i will definetely utilize all my potential to the best use of your tasks.I can do this as a part-time job.Let me know if there are any specific deadlines for the task even though i can try get it done within 24hours.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 per day for 2000 words Duration : 2-5 minutes
Location: Rs.Patiala Languages Known : english , hindi
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