I Can Post Or Do Proof Reading Daily For Various Writings For Just Rs 700

Posted By: vlog with rhea

About this Talent:

I am good at proofreading. In fact I love correcting any wrong words as correction is an important part of our life  so why  not correct it before the final submission.. So yes I would love to take up more such projects daily and earn also more.  And I can also do any editing work too as I edit videos also and yes I live editing so be it anything I can do it related to editing then proof reading and all. So yes these are my working points and yes of course the earning should be a bit high as due to Covid financially many are broke like me. So that's all about me and thank you so much. 

Salient Features:
Job Price:700/- Duration : 3 hours
Location: Rs.Kolkata Languages Known : english , hindi
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