I Can Post Nearly 25 Details Of Anatomy And Biochemistry Per Day Just For Rs.500/-

Posted By: Haneesha

About this Talent:

As keen understanding of medical subjects plays an important role not only for their knowledge but also for society as they are the ones who are going to treat many of us in the future . I just want to provide detailed information from my side to the aspiring medicos.Anatomy and Biochemistry were the prime subjects of first MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). And also Anatomy being the hardest subject which looks like Greek and Latin for the budding medicos,there is a need for them to actually know the meaning of every single anatomical term and three dimensional imagination to know the location of that particular anatomical term.When it comes to biochemistry ,it is entirely different from the chemistry, which students might have learnt in thier 12 th standard, it is something realted to life, biochemistry is nothing but chemistry of life ..while reading Biochemistry, students might come across totally new words , new names of diseases and syndromes ,which they might have never heard till date.Apart from the things what they might have learnt in their med school,which is just one fifth ,many students will learn eighty percent of their subjects from the web content.Because we know very well that med school is a professional study where self learning is the main concept in this, apart from what professors explain on black board.And this is the reason why I have selected this as my part time job.  myself being a medico it is easy for me to explain what I understood in detail throughout my first mbbs.

Salient Features:
Job Price:Rs-200 Duration : 30 days
Location: Rs.Andhrapradesh Languages Known : english
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