I Can Post 25 Classified Ads Per Day On Various Classified Websites Just For Rs.200

Posted By: Muhammad

About this Talent:


Talent is an Extra ordinary gift that set an individual apart from the crowd. It's the key that unlocks limitless possibilities and allows one to leave an impact in their chosen field.


My journey began years ago when I discover my innate passion for Data entry and processing. Since then I have dedicate my time honing my skills and expanding my knowledge in this domain.

With each passing my experience has grown and allow me to reach new high.

I had the privilege of working with different organizations and individuals which had provided me with various opportunities to refine my Craft.

Project and past client

Through my career I have been fortunate to collaborate with an array of extraordinary clients on various projects.

From multinational corporation to small businesses and individuals my talent has been utilize to deliver remarkable out across various projects.

Looking ahead

In future I aspire to explore new horizons, collaborate with inspiring individuals and tackle more ambitious projects.


Salient Features:
Job Price:200 Duration : 1 day
Location: Rs.NIGERIA Languages Known : english
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