I Can Post 20 Classified Ads Per Day On Various Classified Websites Just For Rs.200/-

Posted By: Devu A G

About this Talent:

I assure that all my works will be cross checked twice by myself so that I could completely avoid spelling mistake, punctuation and grammer corrections, etc.

I have a good speed in typing and I can proudly say that I too is going to be an employee even I am a plus 2 student. Due to this present pandemic situation I would like to help my parents financially by earning myself too. The reason why I choose a data entrt job is I believe in MYSELF. Now that I am.bored sitting at home I have much time to kill. Hence with much pleasure and dedication I will give the best out of me here.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500/- Duration : 3 hours
Location: Rs.India Languages Known : english
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