I Can Manage Website For 5$/Day To Help My Family

Posted By: Belzbub Smith

About this Talent:

I know how to manage website like coding html&css you can see my personal website on www.berlymenorias.tk I know it's not a perfect website I create but I promise I will do anything for this job. I would like to introduce my self, I am Jean Berly Menorias 17 years old and I live in Philippines. So I hope you will hire me because I really need money right now, by the way I am a senior high school student and the problem is the financial that's why I apply for this job and I want to help my family for giving them a money to support our daily needs my father is just a construction worker and my mother don't have a job and I am the youngest in our family it's hard to school when you don't have financial support sometimes I think that what if I stop schooling and go to city to find some job like construction but my family wants me to school so that's why I apply for this job and earn money while in school. so please hire me thank you!!

Salient Features:
Job Price:5$/day Duration : 6 hours
Location: Rs.Philippines Languages Known : english
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