I Can Give Stunning Content For Any Topic At Affordable Prices

Posted By: Palak

About this Talent:

Good evening, My name is Palak. I am pursuing my graduation in B.Sc from Chandigarh.I  have recently written a  blog on Impact of workplace environment on the productivity. I written that blog for a company and they were satisfied with my content.  I have also written essays. In school time also I have written many essays, stories and that too in English. 

I write in simple and easy to understand language which I think everyone loves to read. I think you have to give me a chance. I know you will also love my content.I am also sharing the pic of my content. Actually it's of 1000 words but as its not possible to share the whole one. So its just the introduction part. 

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000 Duration : 3days
Location: Rs.Chandigarh Languages Known : english , hindi
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