I Can Give A Great Blog... In Less Time Using All My Cordination And Talent

Posted By: Ansham sharma

About this Talent:

Hey, Sir 

I am Ansham Sharma, My current age is 17 right now.. But i want to do something interesting in life Actually i love Writting These things... I have enough knowledge on Various topics like Buisness, Marketing, Stock market, share market, animal wildlife, Science,  woman rights, Domestic violence etc Sir i want from the bottom of my heart  to be a part of this Company... 

Sir, if you want a great writter which can write  the blogs by using its Heart and brain with a great cordination of both... You should hire me I promise that i will work with all my Heart and brain 

Salient Features:
Job Price:300 Duration : 7 days
Location: Rs.Mathura Languages Known : english , hindi
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