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Hey I m Sarvesh Singh.I am Undergraduation Student from Allahabad University.I am Writer,Artist.I write Unique Content and Article, Script,Poem,Motivational Stories.

I write 5 Novel & 4 Book.I write any subject of article, blog, poem,shayari,Motivational Thought Etc

I write also for nation topics and Defense Topics to our country.

Though for posting the content to hire me.As I Write the Article,Blog, Speeches,Essay, Stories and writing content for any topic & Typing.


My Name is Sarvesh Singh. I am form India.Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide—the most dangerous and prevalent greenhouse gas—are at the highest levels ever recorded. ... The gases absorb solar energy and keep heat close to Earth's surface, rather than letting it escape into space. That trapping of heat is known as the greenhouse effect

So I have think and describes in Chart paper in concept. Carbon capture technology is very most important timing to a controlling because CCT after some duration time on capture Earth. My Five Plan And Initiatives step and Idea follow and prove them the controlling carbon capture Technology. The aim is to create a tesla network free of carbon capture Technology. Tesla no pressure of carbon because my plan and ideas full use of carbon and recycle carbon environment my first target the 3% or 4% percent of the United States population living in island. My first Aim Tesla Environment remove in one month second thing I have focusing carbon change from to solid form. Thought I focused 5% carbon Gas Tesla company self used in many things positive. Posting only Tesla controlling our environment 1 gigaton capturing carbon dioxide gas.

Fifth things carbon reaction in air with water reacts converter fuel. Big company usage depended. 6 things plant "Greenhouse".7 thing carbonate fiji Pae 2050 -10 Gigatan Carbon Dioxide Gas Divided.

(Underground Storage Concept in short word full concept in chart paper)

Etc.. Full Plan And Concept in ChartPaper (Pdf).etc... And I Make a New Design Carbon Refilling System in News Generation.

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Location: Rs.Uttarpradesh Languages Known : english
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