I Can Fulfill All Tasks Required And Be Timely And Accurately

Posted By: Oluwamuyiwa Sogbetun

About this Talent:


Typing requires speed and finshing on time before deadline.  I have no big experience but one experience I have is my daily online typing and journals. In the days of my university; I worked as a typist with small cyber firm. I also assisted in completing thesis and assignments.

What makes me fit for this job is that; I am fast and versatile with datas. I will do my work accurately and timely.I understand the nature of the job and I am capable to fulfilljng the and completing all tasks required. I am fast and can also work under pressure. I have a good access to the internet. 

I have worked on thesis. Helped some petty organizations gather data on sales and assembly these datas together to provide an information. 
I am also interested to learn more during the course of the job. I am open minded and ready to work to achieve the set goals 

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 1 Day
Location: Rs.Nigeria Languages Known : english
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