I Can Edit Several Articles,Words,And Content,On The Basis Of Grammatical Errors.


About this Talent:

I am very good at finding visual ,audio mistake, and keener to solve it.I can edit mistakes with high speed,as per my senses. For Example,I can edit 100 words in Secound.

I do edit content on the basis of grammatical errors,but I also like to replace the words with shorter one,so as to short read,and deliver the message in more appropriate way.

My speed is inversely proportion to accuracy. So,I edit the article ,with maintaining these both factors.Like,to gain accuracy,I do sometime reduce my speed,and to do work in HURRY,I some time,leave some mistake.

But,I do manage these mistakes in final edit and reading, before submitting the corrected work.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 1 hr
Location: Rs.Jaipur Languages Known : english , hindi
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