I Can Edit And Proofread Your Text Document For Easy Readability

Posted By: Jawad Jameel

About this Talent:

Hello, I am Jawad Jameel, a professional English proofreader and editor. Are you worried about your spelling or grammar and need someone to provide a thorough review? Does your work need a little polish before being published? Look no further; I can help. I am offering proofreading and editing services with a keen eye for detail. I love ensuring people convey their message clearly and refining content so that it is concise, natural, and makes an imp

I read each word of your document meticulously and pay close attention to detail. I check for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I never rely 100% on a computer's spellcheck because it limits the ability to check only for spelling errors rather than for the usage of words as well. 

If you have a text document that needs editing or proofreading, I can help you make it more readable and error-free. I will correct any mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation to ensure that your document is clear and easy to understand.

Salient Features:
Job Price:600 Duration : 3 Hours
Location: Rs.Lahore Languages Known : english
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