I Can Do The Voice Over Work In With 24 Hours If Required Even Early.

Posted By: Mukul Singh Bisht

About this Talent:

I have been looking for a job which i can do effectively and i think i can do the voice over work with all my efforts. I do not have experience in this feild but i am ready to try  it and not just try it but to try my best . I was looking for an online for a while but i haven't got any one on which i can fully settle but with this i have quite a bit hope. Currently i am working as a data entry operator in a private university but if this new ( voice over) work do good for me then i am ready to use it as my full time job.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500-1500/- Duration : 10-20 hours
Location: Rs.Dehradun Languages Known : english , hindi
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