I Can Do Anything To Earn Money For My Studies

Posted By: Roshan soni

About this Talent:

Hii I'm Roshan i have many talented things in me but also I never think that I'm a ideal person and I will like share with you all a three magical words which will help you to encourage yourself that word is Jai Shree Ram I used say this 3 magical word personally and it's really to powerful word which help me to grow up and make my problems more shorter i will like to say one small story of my life in which I was four years old so let's begin i was 4years old boy and I was playing with a burning candle light but my mother often taken away me from the candle but i always try to touch the burning side of the candle but my mom never let me to do it one my father sees this all and he said to my let him touch the burning candle my mom was agressive why his hand will burn but my father didn't say anything he said my mom believe me and let him touch it when I touch the burning candle my fingern got burn and my mom was so angry she was saying look what happened because of to my father but my father smiled and say he will never try touch the candle because he knew that the burning candle can harm him. that's all 

Moral of the story is we never understand something until we fall or fail 

Salient Features:
Job Price:600-700 Duration : 2-3 hour's
Location: Rs.Jamshedpur Languages Known : english , hindi
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