I Can Do 3D Modeling , Texturing Based On Your Requirements

Posted By: Deepak Kumbhar

About this Talent:

Hi i am deepak kumbhar 

I can do 3d modelling and designing including 3d texturing and logo designing.

I made various types of 3d models like characters,props,animal moddels

which includes uv layout of models then applied textures also i have a command on uv layout of characters.

I am from an artistic background so this will be helpful for any requirement of realistic model texture and anatomy for structure.

So the following you can except from me, 

1) 3d modelling of various characters.

2) texturing of 3d models.

3) Uv layout of 3d models.

also i should be notified with the deadline so that i can fulfil the requirement in time.

Salient Features:
Job Price:4000 Duration : 3 Days
Location: Rs.Maharashtra Languages Known : english , hindi
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