I Can Do 15 Data Entry Per Day @ Rs. 100/- Each

Posted By: Habeeb Olufemi Jimoh

About this Talent:


As a person with a typing talent, I have always been fascinated by the art of keyboard proficiency. From an early age, I discovered my knack for typing quickly and accurately, and over the years, I honed my skills to become a proficient typist capable of handling various tasks efficiently and with precision.


Throughout my journey as a typist, I have accumulated extensive experience in a wide range of settings. From academic assignments to professional projects, I have consistently delivered exceptional typing speed and accuracy. Whether it's transcribing audio files, typing up reports, or composing emails, my proficiency allows me to tackle tasks with ease and meet deadlines effectively.

Past Projects and Clients:

In my career as a typist, I have had the opportunity to work on diverse projects with a multitude of clients. I have collaborated with students, authors, businesses, and professionals from various industries. In academic settings, I have assisted students in transcribing interviews, converting handwritten notes into digital format, and typing up research papers. For authors and writers, I have provided transcription services for interviews, manuscripts, and novels.

For businesses, I have worked on data entry tasks, inputting vast amounts of information accurately and efficiently. Additionally, I have collaborated with professionals from legal and medical fields, typing up documents, case notes, and medical reports.

My proficiency in touch typing and knowledge of keyboard shortcuts have been invaluable assets in delivering top-notch results to my clients. I pride myself on being reliable, detail-oriented, and committed to maintaining confidentiality.


In conclusion, my typing talent has been a vital skill that has opened numerous opportunities for me to assist clients from various backgrounds and industries. With years of experience and a passion for precision, I continue to embrace the world of typing and look forward to taking on new challenges that come my way.

Salient Features:
Job Price:1000 Duration : 1 Days
Location: Rs.Nigeria Languages Known : english
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