I Can Create Trendy Logos And Photo Editing For You.

Posted By: Manas dandge

About this Talent:

I can create trendy logos and photo editing for you. We have a professionals in a team we only charge 500 for logos and photo editing. We can also edit videos for you like marriage video, trending Instagram reels, tik tok and etc.I'm a creative person driven by my passion for design. I'm proficient with graphic tools and have an artistic approach towards everything I create. I'm also a team player and know how to improve myself when given feedback. But my weakness is that I'm rather bad with time-management.Highly skilled, detail-oriented graphic designer with over eight years of experience working with clients in a variety of mediums, including print design and multimedia. Passionate about constructing and maintaining partnerships that result in creative wins that drive customer interest and profits.Branding expert seeking a graphic design position to offer design skills to create internal company materials. I led a team that won the 'Inspirational advert of the year' in the global media awards for two years running. I offer strong role delegation and team management ability, together with strong design skills.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 24 hours
Location: Rs.Maharashtra Languages Known : english
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