I Can Create And Analyse 50 Surveys Per Day I Want Earn 500 Rupees Per Day

Posted By: Pariton Langpoklakpam

About this Talent:


I am Pariton.I am currently a college student pursuing B.Sc.I am fluent in English and my writing and typing skills are both good and accurate.I needed this job both as a side hustle so as to earn enough money for my side hustle and other expenses.I assure and guarantee you that I will work with full honesty and regularity with no or least mistakes.I am ready to work everyday but the working hours and duration might vary a bit,but having said that I would make sure that there is no lack of quality in my work.Kindly consider my request.

Thank You.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 10 minutes for 1 data entry.
Location: Rs.Imphal Languages Known : english
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