I Am Posting Story Of Journey Of New Born Infant To Adult


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From Birth to Adulthood

For the first year after birth a baby is called an infant. Childhood begins at age twoand continues until adolescence. Adolescence is l last stage of life before adulthood.


Infancy is the first year of life after birth. Infants are born with a suprising range of abilities. For eg, they have well developed senses of touch, hearing and small. They can also communicate their needs by crying. Durinv their first year they develop many abilities includes those decribed below.

By 6 weeks after birth, infants typically start smiling and making vocal sounds. By 6 months infants are babbling. They have also learned to sit and are starting to crawl.

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Job Price:500 Duration : 1 Day
Location: Rs.Gulabi bagh Languages Known : english
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