Hey Its Ruth Nyarumi Ready For The Typing Work As Soon As Possible

Posted By: Ruth Nyarumi

About this Talent:

Hi I'm Ruth Nyarumi

Ready for this job as soon as possible.i don't have any experience in this field but I'm ready to learn and work for the benefit of all people. I'm very confident in myself that any work given to me will be worked on with diligence .I promise to be of help whenever I'm needed.

Reading is my passion since it keeps me busy and it derives the best in me.So I'm sure that your job will be safe in my hands and I'll be a able to work on them to meet the required deadline. I'll be doing this job part time since I'm a student but I'll venture into it more during the holidays and do it full time.

I'm going to begin with a price of 500 depending on your article but I'll be progressing as time goes  by as continue learning and sharpening my skills in writing and reading.

Salient Features:
Job Price:500 Duration : 2 hours
Location: Rs.Kenya Languages Known : english
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